steadycam marlin2

5Dmk4 + battery + CFcard = 875g

EF 50mm/1.2 + hood = 655g

EF 16-35mm/4.0 + hood = 675g 

5dmk4 +EF 16-35mm/4.0 = 1,550g =3.42lb

ちなみに1lb (ポンド) = 453g










Balancing from Scratch I:

Formula for adding weightsIf you don’t see your camcorder in the Online "Merlin 2 Cookbook", here’s a rough formula to help you preset vertical balance. Weigh your camera accurately (or look up its weight in the camera’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website).

Make sure you have the tape, disc or memory card aboard, plus a camera battery when you weigh it.

Note that the compact structure of the Merlin 2 puts its counterweights about four times as far below the gimbal (think fulcrum!) as the center of your camera’s mass is above it. Therefore you’ll need at least a quarter of your camera’sweight down below as counterbalance.For every pound of camcorder weight, add at least a quarter-pound Merlin 2 weight to the lower spar.

< 1 lb (.45kg) Cameras under one pound will generally need one Finish weight forward and one Finishweight below.

> 1 lb (.45kg) Cameras weighing over one pound will also need a tapered Start weight added below.

> 2 lbs (.91kg) At two pounds, add one Mid weight below.

> 3 lbs (1.36kg) At three pounds, add one more Mid below and also add a Mid in front (but nevermore than one Mid and one Finish in the forward position -- they are for increased inertia and don’t contribute much to vertical balance.)

2 middle weigth + start weight + finish weight → below

1 middle weight + finish weight → front

+1 For every additional pound (.45kg), add at least one more Mid weight below.Note some of the heavier HDV cameras suggested for use with Merlin 2, such as the Sony “Z” have higher thannormal centers-of-mass and may require the Mid weight in front to be moved down onto the lower spar. The ideais to add as little weight as possible to balance your camera and so preserve the essential lightness of the Merlin 2system. Without its weights Merlin 2 weighs 1.4 lbs (0.64 kg).


5Dmmk4 + EF 16-35mmでセッティングしてみよう! 


2 middle weigth + start weight + finish weight → below

1 middle weight + finish weight → front

Z turn → 4

arcsize → 30cm 


Balancing from Scratch II:

Pre-adjusting the Caliper Hinge
If your camera weighs approximately a pound (450g) set the Caliper Hinge to about
10 inches (25cm).
If your camera weighs more than two pounds (1kg), preset the Caliper Hinge so that
it’s almost fully open at 12 inches (30cm), so you will need fewer weights. This will
keep the mass of the entire unit as low as possible.








2 middle weigth + start weight + finish weight → below



1finish weight only → front



Z turn → 8

arcsize → 31cm